Unemployment Hearings

Unemployment Hearings Lawyer in Massachusetts Unemployment benefits may be vital for someone who has lost a job. Without the safety and security of unemployment benefits in Massachusetts, someone may be unable to provide the most basic necessities for themselves or a family. There are times when workers have difficulties obtaining unemployment benefits they are entitled to, […]

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Massachusetts Everyone deserves and has the legal right to feel safe and respected in the workplace. For some employees, the work place is anything but safe and respectful. A sexual harassment charge in Massachusetts is a serious issue for both women and men. It also has very serious consequences for everyone […]

Severance Agreement

Severance Agreements & Laws in Massachusetts A severance agreement, sometimes called a separation agreement, is a legal agreement that, if properly drafted, will benefit both the employee and the employer and help both parties avoid disputes when employment ends. When drafting, negotiating, or executing a severance agreement in Massachusetts, you should seek a competent and […]

Employer Services

Employer Services in Massachusetts Employers in Massachusetts may be faced with a variety of issues and situations that they can’t or shouldn’t try to resolve themselves. When it comes to disputes or legal matters between an employer and an employee, having skilled and dedicated legal assistance in your corner is a must. The Law Office […]

Wage and Hours Disputes

Wage and Hours Disputes Attorney in Massachusetts There are very detailed employment laws and regulations in Massachusetts regarding employee compensation, including, overtime payments, commissions, bonuses, and vacation pay. If you feel there is a discrepancy between what you are owed and what you’ve been paid, or that the payment of wages are not being handled […]

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Massachusetts Any incident of wrongful termination should be taken seriously. If you feel you have been wrongfully terminated in Massachusetts or if you stand accused of wrongfully terminating an employee, having legal counsel in your corner can make all the difference. Amanda Dowgiert is an experienced employment lawyer in Massachusetts and […]

Employment Law

Employment Lawyer In Massachusetts Employment law encompasses a variety of issues and situations. Both employers and employees in Massachusetts in any kind of business or industry may find themselves in need of a skilled and determined employment law attorney. If you need long term services, advice, or help with a single legal dispute related to […]

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